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Locate and register your ideal wedding website name

.WED Domain Registration

.WED is a very different top level domain created to celebrate couples getting married.

Buy a convenient, shorter .WED domain name to celebrate your special day.

You don't have to create a new website, you can redirect the .WED link to your main website.

Become a reseller or affiliate and make money with the .WED top level domain.

Contact info@nominate.wed for more information about the .WED reseller and affiliate programs.

Domain Prices

Prices shown in Australian Dollars (AUD) British Pounds (GBP) Danish Krone (DKK) Euros (EUR) New Zealand Dollars (NZD) Swedish Krona (SEK) US Dollars (USD)

Registration Fees:

$ 89.10 kr 437 € 58.60 £ 48.30 $ 96.60 kr 524 $ 70.00

Renewal 1 year:

$ 89.10 kr 437 € 58.60 £ 48.30 $ 96.60 kr 524 $ 70.00

Affiliates and Resellers

If you would like to know more about becoming a .WED affiliate or reseller then please either:

Complete the form below:



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Email our sales team:





Policy and Details

Note: Privacy Protection is provided free of charge.

Whilst .WED domains can be registered for more than two years, they are designed not to be. The intention is for them to released and then used by the next happy couple with the same names.

The registry discourages use in-excess of two years at the second level (domainname.wed) by charging a significant premium.

.WED Details

Registry: The registry is run by Atgron, Inc.

Purpose: To provide a domain name for weddings. Please note domain investment is discouraged. All domains are sold subject to the .WED registry's terms and conditions. http://www.atgron.wed/terms--conditions.html.

Once your .WED domain is registered

When the .WED domain name is registered it will be held on our international server. We provide a free under-construction page for your .WED domain name, for as long as you require one. (The purpose of this is to show an enquirer that your .WED domain name is currently registered and is unavailable).

E-mail redirection and web redirection for .WED domain names are available as a free option.

Free .WED domain name transfer to the ISP of your choice - if you wish. Nominate does not charge release fees for transferring domains to different .WED domain name registrars.

.WED General Policies

The registrant's use of the registered domain name, must be:

  • Generally accepted as legitimate.
  • Not directly aimed at selling or offering for sale of the same domain name or for selling non .WED domains.
  • Not directly aimed at monetisation via advertisement including but not limited to pay per click advertising.
  • .WED domains are only valid for two years.